How to make use of data to make practical soft text

soft marketing is the most commonly used method in the Internet today. And as the Internet, soft Wen promotion more famous website, similar to A5 webmaster nets, webmaster home, etc.. The webmaster chose to promote their own websites in these places, the most important reason is the high amount of reading, flow, reprint rate, rushed to this, a good article, on a platform, you can turn over the internet.

but the same reason, because of the advantages of its website, contribution rate naturally high, and these articles also need to have a certain quality. In this kind of website, the most common articles have two kinds, one is practical, and the other is critical. And want to promote the site, and not too many subjects and time to write original article, so, for the webmaster, pseudo original is definitely a choice. Now many articles are pseudo original, and this type of article on the Internet, how to build it,


, I’ve seen a friend who wrote about how to make a copy of a topical hot spot. The effect on the first, first find the hot words in Baidu, micro-blog; second, according to the hot words to find event narration; third, find some micro-blog users view (micro-blog is now Baidu has not yet collected content, therefore, micro-blog in the text, for Baidu is the original); fourth, write some of their point of view finally, summary;! Like this, a "original" hot papers will appear in the cross platform network. Moreover, if you add an attractive title, I believe that the amount of clicks will be good.

so, since the news review article has appeared, today’s little pen writes about the practical article, and here, the main lecture is about the data.

, look, I want to write about what the article, can be combined with the Internet news, similar to Mcglaughlin listed, then you can write about some of the data, the B2C home like this, more likely to cause some concern.

second, next, looking for information, in general, is in Ai Rui, Analysys International and other data analysis website, find some data on the subject.

third, to find information, and then, the necessary information to be picked out, and the next part of this is also a critical step, is to find cases. These cases need to be found on the basis of the information they are looking for.

fourth, according to the case to find the point of analysis, coupled with ideas and ideas, it becomes.

, for example, like to see Mcglaughlin listed, then write China B2C website how to do more prosperous, then find some Chinese on B2C website before and now some of the data comparison, highlighting the rapid development of the B2C website now, and again, it is to find the relevant case about how to do B2C, from several aspects of B2C, customer experience, flow, publicity…… Wait a minute, three better, three now

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