From personal webmaster to SEO interns, thinking is more important than technology

I like reading articles with different views every day. I’m excited about the experience and the summary. I can learn their experience from reading and learn more ideas. Thinking is more important than technology.

many novices just learn through the theory of SEO learning, think that their SEO technology learning is very mature, in fact, in my opinion, they have not really started. Now I prefer to talk about "Pan SEO", not just search engine optimization in the traditional sense. I am also a loser, SEO for three years, but rarely use SEO to create value for users. The definition and course of SEO in the network has already spread, I do not think that these theories can support the present and future of SEO, the search engine is changing every day, a good SEOER, and more from the accumulation of practice. Today the practice life came to an end, writing an article is a small conclusion of yourself this three years of personal webmaster career, I hope everyone can feel bad each one takes what he needs, also welcome paizhuan.

personal webmaster

from freshman contact SEO and began to do personal Adsense start, until now, I still is a hard personal webmaster, but recently more than a SEO network marketing intern identity. From the entry, to make money, I spent half a year, in the webmaster circle efficiency is not too high, but with a group of me into the line, and now adhere to the down, there have been few. Freshman to make money, mainly by standing outside the promotion, the summer began to work with students to build websites, are using the search engine vulnerability to obtain traffic. In the second and third barely maintained, until February this year, Baidu Scindapsus algorithm, I finally have to demand change.

from the beginning of this year, I have heard a voice – many individual owners do not say that he is seo. A5 webmaster nets also slowly transition, A5 on the home page about personal AdSense and SEO some information articles are less. I still positioned myself as a SEOER, and firmly believe that this is my second opportunity – team to do "stand" model. Now, SEO, I’m more optimistic about team operations and user experience centric seo.

once SEO is just for optimization and optimization, the only purpose is to obtain traffic, make money. SEO, which is not user centric, will eventually be eliminated by search engines, and Baidu has enough databases to judge the true weight of a page. As long as you seriously go around the user experience to do the site, it will one day be recognized by Baidu.

I never lacked executive power, but for a long time before the practice, my state of affairs stagnated. In 11 years, I wrote an article on how to spend the bottleneck period, thinking that I had been out of the confusion, but only a few days of excitement, and then I returned to the confusion

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