AYTM8 10 of nternet users believe that advertising will affect the site experience

according to the latest survey of AYTM (Ask Your Target Market), 8/10’s adult Internet users believe that online advertising will affect some web experience. Studies show that most people will probably use advertising blocking technology in the future because advertising is getting more annoying.

advertising can affect people’s Web experience in a variety of ways. Mobile advertising, for example, prolongs the time it takes to load and affect consumer participation and experience.

Intrusive ads are more annoying than

, which affects web performance. The survey found that pop-up ads were the least popular online advertising. 7/10 respondents were disgusted or unable to accept pop-up ads, far more than other types of advertising. Other objectionable types of ads include non – stop video advertising (54%) and automatic video advertising (49%).

‘s auto voice ads are also offensive, and Unruly’s survey shows that 3/4 users do not like to listen to mobile video advertising.

respondents believe that social media advertising is the most effective type of online advertising.


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