Through optimizing links, directed to the page, quickly improve the conversion rate of the site

Smartsheet, a three years old Internet collaboration software company, wants to emerge in a fiercely competitive industry. First of all, let’s look at the concept of collaborative software, which refers to the integration of individual or team projects from different regions and time zone users, according to IDC estimates that this is a 6 billion 300 million market.

(Collaboration Software) collaboration software to refer to the team as the goal of the collaborative software tools, including group management, such as workflow management, project management and so on; all kinds of communication software, such as E-Mail, instant messaging, VoIP etc.. Put forward the new demand of the development of globalization and the users of network and communication technology, the concept of collaborative software has given new meaning, such as the combination of various techniques of Internet, workflow, instant messaging and SOA and means. Or you can think: collaborative office applications, collaborative government, collaborative commerce, and workflow management, project management, knowledge management, information portal platform, e-mail, instant messaging, remote video, process editor and collaboration tools, I formed a sense of collaborative software now. According to IDC, this is a 6 billion 300 million market. The collaborative software market includes not just world giants like Microsoft and IBM, but start-ups like, vice president of marketing Maria Colacurcio believes that everyone is talking about collaborative software, so this is a more competitive industry.’s search engine marketing strategy is quite mature, and they’ve gone from the overuse of general search keywords to the use of specialized keywords. has built 40 links for the site, directed at the page, and knows the target market requirements it wants to penetrate.

Maria Colacurcio said: from the search engine marketing is very extensive for a more strategic perspective professional, we integrate some professional keywords of the target group is highly sensitive. We are mainly located in eight markets: marketing, human resources, operations, non profits, real estate, construction, product management and customer service.

, the new strategy has increased the conversion rate from 2% to 4%-6%, and Colacurcio says that despite the success of the strategy, she doesn’t know exactly which element of the web is driving the conversion rate.

then, decided to seek help from Widemile, a technology company that provides Internet testing and optimization.


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