Yu Bin the SEO sword spirit

over the years, most Internet colleagues have begun the struggle in 2008, in order to struggle in 2008 dream. Last night, back to my "bird’s nest", I can not wait to open their web site, check keyword ranking, search engine collection, world rankings…… Well, who calls us Internet people?.

back home to the new year, because the town is a dial-up Internet, so I broke the net for 11 days, in these 11 days, I was thinking, I don’t know how to sleep, site specific circumstances, on the second day I dreamed of my traffic than Baidu, the third morning get a look at the pillow all slobber. Ha ha, I don’t know when my dream will come true.

years ago, one of my Baidu keyword in the third page, I was like, I stared at Baidu for a year, Baidu is also the point of my year-end bonus, so spend a few hours to help the keyword page do optimization, after years of over my words has been found to the first page. So when the SEO will encounter abnormal competitive keywords, but we are not afraid, Amistad, Li Yunlong said that: "the ancient master swordsman and territories, assuming that the opponent is the best in all the land swordsman, knowing that you lost how to do? Is also flee for mercy? Of course not retreat, or you can what when the swordsman? That’s right, that is a dead, but also to the sword sheath, which is called sword, did not have the courage you will do when the swordsman. Down in the opponent the sword is not a disgrace, it is glorious defeat, if not sword after you do not mix in the political arena." This is a soldier, a China soldier said, in the SEO industry we also need keywords sword spirit, died on the second page third never mind, the most sad is not the key words


sword, for courage, in the face of strong enemy, there is still a trace of sword of courage, even die with dignity, in the eyes of the enemy, there is a backbone, or that the swordsman’s dignity.

ancient swordsman and the opponents are in their territories, no matter how powerful opponent, even if the other party is the best in all the land swordsman, knowing defeat, but also flashed his sword, even down in the opponent’s sword, although also defeated especially the glory, this is the sword spirit is worth learning! SEO the sword spirit


I think Baidu is still a recent emphasis on website stability, Title title, PR value and text keywords deployment, these online tutorials are very much, we can go search.

is the stability of the site is very important, a good server can help you a lot in SEO, but SEO is not just a title, a description of it, must be through increase the weight, rate of internal and external links key rate to promote the site in the search engine rankings and included the situation. In doing optimization, we must effectively according to your page content, according to your content to do your optimization. Do not hang sheep head sell vinegar, obviously is a novel station, a movie station optimization.

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