The nternet business success (nine) running false advertising harm to others

in the process of building a new station, often because of lack of experience, made a lot of primary mistakes. Although these mistakes can also play a role in a short period of time, but often lead to the subsequent development of a lot of problems. In this chapter, we will introduce and analyze the mistakes that often occur in the building site, and explain the correct method of site building for reference.

one, take the doctrine of the station is not desirable,

two, the lost publicity website

More than

content details can be found in the article "Internet business success (nine): avoid common mistakes in site" to read.

three, compulsory promotion website is undesirable

in our web browsing, often encounter some sites, such as automatic tampering with the home page, open the browser will automatically jump to a website; and some of the site of the propaganda method a lot of pop, then turn off the page will pop up a, how close off. Such bad habits, not only very easy to cause users to site resentment, for the development of the site is also more harm than good. Let’s take a look at the possible dangers of these methods and the proper methods to be adopted.

1. tamper with home page rogue propaganda was disgusted

bad habits: after browsing the site, force the home page.

easy to appear period of time: website promotion period.

bad habits: cause user resentment, easy to drain a large number of users.

case playback: Xu Zhi is a site navigation site webmaster, after the completion of the site has not been much traffic, which makes him very depressed. In view of other similar web site in the process, he found that many sites have automatically set the home page that Yu Shixu will shine at the moment, a search on the Internet can automatically set the home page of the JavaScript code, immediately put on its website. After only one day, the website traffic is not set high than before many, through statistical procedures, there are a lot of users are open the browser directly into the site, which makes Xu Zhi excited, was forced to modify the home page settings in each page of the website code. But as time went on, a few weeks later, he found traffic on the site plummeted. After many investigation, only to find their own site because the report malicious plug-ins, lead to a security software directly to the web site to install the shield, all security software users will open his site safety warning. Such consequences, let Xu Zhi want to cry without tears……

in the usual when browsing the site, I believe we have encountered many such cases, many websites set up a "automatic extension" code, not for automatic browser home page site settings, the site is automatically added to the favorites, or visit the website of the process, whether this will always prompt "stations home tips. What’s more, some websites also set >

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