The five way is to teach you how to write original articles

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original and pseudo original articles, there are definitely some good methods, we should learn and use some examples, such as: change the title, change the content of modified paragraph, changed the ending and so on. There are also the first paragraph of the article to write their own, the end of the article plus copyright description, please reprint, please keep the link such as text. A little smarter use of programs or software for keyword batch replacement, join the immediate interference code, or the article before and after the statement upside down, paragraph dislocation, and so on, are very good way. These methods are some conventional methods, the following I would like to introduce myself, I think a way, that is, do not make pseudo original articles by the routine.

1 this way is that we can go abroad to the website to find the article, and then use GOOGLE translation software to translate back Chinese, slightly change the title and content can be, if you really lazy direct translation can be released back.

2  every new site Baidu could not have included innumerable, they stand, we will go to the station not included reproduced copy articles, then posted to our website, Baidu will consider our own original article, remember to modify Oh, at least you have to change the title.

3 to ask Sina, Baidu know, QQ ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, collect the same answers into a net friend to help solve the problem of the article, Baidu is looking at the original, visitors look at is the essence of absolute cattle.

4 to search for web content related e-books, electronic magazines, most of the content of the search engines have not seen the original article. We take it back into the form of software for articles, and then released, absolutely original, Baidu big brother like Oh, as for conversion software, you search a lot.

5 to comment websites to collect all of the same commodity evaluation, for example, we want to write an article about a bestseller of the article, we will go to Taobao, Dangdang, excellence, the Douban about the number of comments into a collection of articles, such as the processing of original articles well, we have a release is an original soft.

In fact, the soft

everywhere, the key is that we should learn to copy and edit the original = meaning, my is so out of the station, the Internet is also a copy of the article, and then change the title, change back, Baidu is love, we must not trouble, if you do not want to modify the trouble, then you don’t write soft money, if you can find someone else to write, of course, I said so, I believe many people are writing soft yourself. Well, first write here, next time write an article about the chain, I hope you like it,


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