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is pleased to set up 1st anniversary E Hugo, many things happened in this year, everyone has their own story. However, in this year most of the time I have to give E, Hugo (originally wanted to use her instead, feeling too disgusting). During this period, I left out my girlfriend, and I had very little time with my family, and even my studies were wasted. 12 months a year, I basically every month in the website, winter vacation, summer vacation, together to stay at home for a week.

a lot of times, I wonder why I do this, every day until midnight. As a student, I should spend most of my time in school. But I’m out of control now. Remember the first year of university did not contact the site, because the university class is less, then feel bored, want to find something to do, just the students have web site, just follow him to learn. In my website under the guidance of the enlightenment master, I slowly like to do a website, so far I have forgotten why I liked it. I don’t have any impressions at all. I just remember it was full of sense of accomplishment, but why didn’t I know that?.

was the first station is not E Hugo, but called Voyager another QQ station, because it is the first site, the overall structure is not ready, and later to the day when people 2W, to see how the feeling is not good. And very proud of their ability, want to build a station, a good site, a boutique website. Ruthless heart, sold the website. The sailors of that time had several good friends to manage. They know I can’t stand it. I feel very sorry for them, after all, is all out together. Want to sell the site to the money to each of them a share. But we don’t have a buddy, finally took it in case I haoshuodaishuo. This made me feel embarrassed, and I was too embarrassed to ask them for help. In fact, I still miss our time together. I was very happy to do the site, just for learning technology.

is the first station experience, now E Hugo I was satisfied, from the beginning of production to the almost run up, spent about half the time. (oh, so what are your personal website, planning, design, optimization, content, layout… ). After a good, and so on for two or three months time, only slowly popular. Most of them were introduced by members of the original mariner on my QQ.

my own character is to do anything that you must do, oh, this should be my girlfriend after clear, from the high school just started chasing people, until all go to university for a long time, we have formal communication. Sometimes, when she chatted with me, she said I was stupid and stupid. I didn’t feel that. It was so good. Ha ha, stupid is stupid. I can’t help it. This is also true on the web site. Although it hasn’t been popular for nearly a year, it has stuck to it. Well, it’s finally work, very much

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