To learn to sell dogskin plaster

you must remember when, see examples of quacks selling dogskin plaster. Although it is a quack, than doctors in large hospitals, but mimae it in actual arena experience, to the grassroots, the dogskin plaster sell well.

as a grassroots entrepreneurs, with mimae situation is the same, because it is the root, because with a quack, so people are not optimistic about how or confidence level is not high, so desperately need their own selling, otherwise there would be no one to buy.

operation money online ( for more than a year, has been positioning itself to a grassroots entrepreneurs, in fact, the positioning of grassroots entrepreneurs is the modern name, frankly speaking, I am a quack, quack is a network, so I every day in the network selling "dogskin plaster". In this grassroots selling process, we desperately Hawking, the purpose is to sell, sell out. In this process, it is necessary for us to learn a quack, otherwise it is difficult to sell.

for example we will often be off-line team members or investors to ask whether the "off-line data security". For this question, our team needs careful answer, the answer is not satisfactory, the member or investor is certainly not optimistic about our online banking customers, so we in the network arena operations, summarizes some rhetoric "first, fill in the registration money online is a virtual network, do not have to fill out the real information, so even if the membership data was leaked, but also with the reality of the people on the number; second, we money online itself is a powerful framework based on J2EE, other than ASP Based on PHP, such as the development of software is more stable, more powerful; third, our money online using an independent server, radio1 double disk backup system to ensure real-time. At any time to recover data; fourth, in order to ensure that the database has no danger of anything going wrong every day sooner or later, two offsite backup, in other words: even happened The earthquake, the room collapsed, can quickly return to a previous data; fifth, in order to ensure the safety of our membership data, money online is a member of sake, developed the data output function, members can put their written accounts regularly are stored in the computer or U disk, even if the money online website collapse, membership data still exist." We use from registration to, and then to the service in all aspects, to do everything possible to ensure the membership, membership data, we just want to tell us a little money membership money online treats money membership data as his own life". So any one member after listening to, will be very easy, not because of the presence of data insecurity, and refuse to use our money online.

in the process of operation of money online, often many friends will ask "what is money online?" for such problems, really do not know the answer or no answer, answer, but also spend a lot of time, don’t answer it, may have lost.

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