A registered trademark is essential to a business, a brand, but how much do you know about trademark

classification of trademark registration

1 is divided into commodity trademarks and service marks in accordance with the objects used in the registered trademarks.

enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households or other organizations shall, in economic activities, apply for trademark registration to the trademark office if they need to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark for their goods or services. Trademark registration with the international classification of goods and services a total of 45 categories, of which the goods are dedicated to the 34 categories (1~34 class), dedicated service of the 11 categories (class 35~45). Registered trademarks in the 1~34 category is a commodity trademark, registered in the 35~45 category as a trademark service mark.

2 is divided into collective marks and certification marks according to the applicant of the registered trademark.

certification mark refers to the ability of the organization is controlled by supervision, used by people outside of the organization or enterprise, to prove that the goods or services of origin, raw materials, manufacturing methods, quality or other characteristics of signs. A certification mark shall be registered by an organization with the ability to supervise, and shall not be used by any person other than the. It is used to prove that the goods or services themselves from a certain origin, or with a certain quality of the logo. As long as the goods or services provided by the parties are in conformity with this particular quality and are in conformity with the procedures prescribed by the registrant, the certificate may be used, and the registrant shall not refuse.

collective trademarks are those that are registered in the name of a group, association or other organization for use by members of the organization in commercial activities to indicate that the user is a member of the organization. Collective trademark is not a trademark of individual enterprises, but a number of enterprises or individuals composed of a member of the common ownership and use of trademarks. A collective trademark shall be used jointly by the members of the organization, not the members of the organization shall not be used or transferred. In order to adapt to the collective trademark of "common" and "common" features, registration, use and management of it shall formulate uniform rules, and will open to the public, abide by the collective members under public supervision.

what are the main ways to deal with trademark registration


1 prepare their own materials, go to the national trademark office to apply for trademark registration.

features: a little money, but it is easy for non professionals to make mistakes, delays. Recommend people with rich knowledge of trademark registration.


is a registered trademark in the name of a person, need to prepare a copy of personal ID card, a copy of individual business license (license person in charge should be consistent with the name of the applicant), an application for trademark registration, trademark design as well as a personal identity card and pay the fees in accordance with the law of trademark for


2, the agency for trademark registration.

features: agency fees, but as long as the search is a professional quality agency, will save a lot of time and energy.

if you can’t go to the National Trademark Office

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