UGC community products talk about how to let users create content

[core tip] how does the UGC community attract users to create content? This article will teach you how to build a UGC community in the wake of your sister’s thinking model.

wrote the UGC community product series 1 a few days ago: processing of illegal content. Today, continue with the series and talk about how to create content for users.


before writing this article, I searched for other articles in different latitudes and sounds created by users on the topic of content creation.

stands by the technical point of view and tells us what high-quality content, incentives, etc. to encourage users to create content;

stands at the point of view of content attributes, telling us the importance and the importance of quality content display to a product;

has stood in terms of content value, tell us how to let users create value at the same time, to achieve user creation, user consumption, the platform of win-win situation;

has a point of view of user relations that tells us what the source of production power is;

I basically agree with all these analysis

students point of view, but how to allow users to create the content of the topic of how to write, to a simple easy to understand, can really make students use up products. This will be the real value of this article, but has yet to find a classmate system written out.

first essay analyze my topic: how to allow users to create content. Yes, this is a summary of an empirical method in the article, so I don’t like the above mentioned four classmates, tell you a little of how, right, very right, but you’re confused, how should I use? What do I need to do first, after doing what


after a week of exploration and combing, I am surprised to find that how to let users create content, the topic of thinking model and how to chase sister’s thinking model is consistent. In phases, what should be done at each stage?.

change ideas, tell stories, the website platform as a sister, to see how users are seeking platform sister.

stage 1: beauty attracts

you say an empty dance floor, if you want everyone to HIGH up, is there a beauty or a handsome guy first? Ma Yun tells us, "there’s a beautiful woman first.". This is the early stage, Ma Yun told us about this theory of beauty.

you say a UGC website, what users do not have, how do I want to cheat a bunch of people come here? Throwing money, advertising, League promotion, your website is full of garbage, users create content, a lump a!

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