Seven problems most afraid of appearing on website operation


web site and has been for 6 years, which has failed to succeed more, earn a compensate, there are early cheated when more at a high magic lesson. Here, share some of the seven most worrying issues about website operations.

: first choose the suitable and convenient site procedures, should not only consider their own procedures for familiarity and beauty, but also to consider the degree of ease of use and database load level, not just for the sake of simple and convenient, less functional, but not just for the sake of powerful and rich, the key is to fit their own. So, did the program you choose fit you really well,


second: the initial site operators do not misers, everywhere need to reply to see, visitors can not see, register to download, this wouldn’t be a let others retain the desire. You have to learn how to accommodate yourself when you do a website. Only you are selfless and selfless, you can win more support from your net friend, so that your labor can be used and approved by others. So, is your website like this,


third: when you operate during some of the features found on your site is not enough or need to install the plug-in, modify the template like, remember to backup, do not let a few tourists managed to save the members or click page appears misplaced, click again to find the server error. So always pay attention to backup, restore it at any time. So, remember, did you ever appear,


fourth: flow is the need for continuous efforts to promote, and others for SEO basic optimization, search engines are included, you do not, or continue to do before you in order to include the things done. So, look, are you still holding on,


fifth: website content operation adhere to a principle – "fine and specialized", that is, we need to use limited energy on the point, rather than scattered to the surface. Do not do so many sites classification, plate, find 1, 2 points, focus resources and energy, first to develop, and then consider other extensions. Analyze your website now,

sixth: to stay in contact with other webmaster friends what communication exchange you can learn more from them you don’t have something, don’t aloof or lazy, lazy people think I want to have many webmaster. So see if you are such a person.

seventh: don’t start thinking about money advertising, time is not the same, now a lot of the site is not to make money, try hard for your interest to do the content of the site, don’t start for the money to do a website, it must be made out of trash. Now the society, we need the webmaster to improve their own quality, and do some special and fine, characteristic of good site. Well, reflect on yourself.

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