Some thoughts about the game community use content as a bridge of communication


has recently begun to focus on the gaming community because of its work relationship. The meaning of a community is a region in which people of some common character share a common residence. The interactive environment created by the website can be called a community, and the behavior of users in the community is called social interaction, and a group of people communicate in an environment. We always have a feeling for Internet products, almost all of the products are expected to catch the concept of the community, with the social significance after means not only with UGC, and the product has become a can rely on users to create their own content and self circulation system. Social can be said to be products of the wings, especially for tool type products, when the product value to some extent, will encounter bottlenecks, social products will allow more room for development. So it’s not difficult to understand why products in all fields want to get social, music, sports, games, too. For the gaming community, game developers to test the water has never stopped, such as NetEase, Shanda, game developers want to build their own game community, but unfortunately these products finally ended in failure, especially the deposit is tepid, but also even community still, is desolate.

The target user groups of the

gaming community is a natural game player, analysis of characteristics of this group either long or when the Internet user’s age should be regarded as the quality of Internet users, and the game player is also very happy to share. In addition, we can also list a lot of psychological characteristics of gamers, such as comparison, strong heart, like showing off and so on. Unfortunately, it is not a feature of the user that applies to all products. In an ideal vision, game makers are hoping to push each other’s game with social networks, not only to enhance the depth of the game, but also to increase the likelihood that the player will be exposed to the new game. From the point of view of watercress CEO north, the major manufacturers to establish a gaming community, but also want to use the value of the external players. Players stay in the game for a long time, login frequency is also high, completely regarded as active users. But looking closely, we will find that although the player spends a lot of time on the game, the interaction between them is also high. But the content of communication with their game player in the game position are closely related, and this interaction is real-time, interactive game player in the game is required by the game itself, for example, they need to be completed with a copy. These two factors can be said to be the basis for high activity. The composition of the group of players in the game is also determined by the game, and the aggregation between people is also driven by factions in the game, and people of the same faction will get together. The foundation of this interaction is only in the game, and the boundaries of interaction are lost when the game is out of bounds.

, if you’ve ever been to the NetEase and Shanda gaming community, you’ll see that their products are not in the same shape as Renren and QQ

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