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service oriented enterprise website is not to create a specific enterprise culture atmosphere for visitors, it’s no wonder that the current development of domestic Internet, website planning and design has not reached this level, with the release of a variety of visual web design software, for the enterprise production site of the company, people everywhere is in the market, a smart high school students spend months time learning can produce "! But we say these sites and without careful planning, just text, pictures and sentences, not to mention the marketing idea! But these, not what problems are not familiar with website construction enterprises this approach to the enterprise, but the impression is: do is prepare the relevant information, to find a person to understand web, and finally released to the Internet You can! It is the environment, leading to the current enterprise website and the lack of marketing consciousness uneven in quality, the enterprise website often can not bring substantial benefits for the enterprise, the enthusiasm of enterprises to establish a website often with the passage of time gradually cooling the final network station became a decoration, the most leading inspection can show off the talk leading enterprises of the site, and even the Internet to lose confidence, but we say, if our small and medium-sized enterprises are not optimistic about the Internet, strengthen the network infrastructure, often can not reflect the network power of


, this is a vicious circle,

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enterprise website to create an atmosphere, the purpose is to let visitors or your potential customers know your corporate culture, for example, assume that the virtual city you want to buy the same goods or information, a particular good, you came to the shops in the market, because you are a representative. People like so, in your mind, pay attention to the decoration store the goods arranged in good order, than the store messy, no shopping malls better quality of beauty. Then, because too many shopping malls, make you like a lot, you can, with an indifferent or take a few more attitude (goods than three home) in a mall, just enter, is a group of business people besieged, selling their products to you, around the noisy a shopping mall, a scene of chaos, more seriously, you wait a century in order to find the items you need and wait for the salesgirl found the size you need! And you see a red fork! So far, your relaxed mood was upset to occupy, the biggest wish is to drive away from in the shop, and vow never to enter this market


but strong demand prompted you to enter another storefront decoration makes you feel comfortable shopping malls, as you enter, a gentle music around you, she not only drive away all your bad mood, more important is the market is full of sunshine, smiling, layout arranged in good order. The salesman with a smile, when you walk around them, they nodded to you, you need time, they carefully introduce to you, it is important that you do not have the surrounding noise, soft music makes you have time on their own, you are infected by this particular atmosphere, thus.

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