The monthly income of 3000 yuan monthly income of editing and operation of 3W where the difference

if you have just stepped into the media industry, I don’t guarantee that you can understand it today.

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before going to bed;

recently, more and more new media operations have been recognized before bedtime, and many small partners have written "push numbers" that are excellent, but they always feel blurred about the boundaries of operations and editing.

although I think, as an editor should pay attention to the quality of the article, but the leadership will force the KPI into the daily assessment, let oneself code words pressure is very big.

on the other hand, if in accordance with the requirements of leadership to advertising, analysis of fans growth data, and the efficiency of writing effect, but also as an editor, who are not easily, not professional, want to have a professional operation personnel to cooperate with their own.

in this case, do not know whether the editor or operation.

in this situation, most of the operating friends, in fact, has gradually separated from the monthly salary of 3000 of the editorial category, but it has not yet become a qualified monthly salary of up to 3W operation


is in the position of "running below editing".

first clear the difference between operations and editors,

as the editor of the monthly salary of 3000, can be said that your work is not specific, all the time can have new replace you, to find their own value, let oneself become irreplaceable, for operators, need to know more than what is the main editor of the 3.


1. understand product

finds precise positioning of its products

understands what users want,

for editors, the article’s data first, but only to understand their own media operating from the corresponding products, in order to make your self media operations have practical significance.

a lot of new media buddies love hair piece, hair chicken soup, such data will be really good, a lot of forwarding comments also very real, but no one to discuss your product after reading this, the data can be said to have no meaning.

what does that mean,


, for example, micro-blog, a genius panda, can cause crazy forwarding. But we have seen the smile forward, think carefully, you can remember which one advertiser? When a micro-blog / WeChat bursting point light is too bright or even conceal the product itself, the user’s attention will be on the bursting point, automatically ignore products.

so, the first thing about new media operations is understanding the product.

, whether it’s writing soft text or writing scripts or chicken soup, be familiar with the history and functional points of your product, understand the user’s usage scene, and know the point that the product attracts the user

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