Discussion on layout and profit of local classified information network

The classification of information network

large and I won’t talk about, at least I think is not suitable for our personal webmaster to operate, the local classified information network successfully, income is very impressive, here recently summed up the two points, hoping to play a role, so that we can in understanding more truth, I have been on the local classification and information network, I do is Dongguan classified information network, my website called red net, we have time to discuss. Recently summed up two points as follows:

one: about website layout. Before the red network is a simple page, the pursuit of simple and generous, but by repeatedly thinking lately myself, not conducive to the long-term development of the site, the feeling from the user experience, is pretty good, but the website, we also need to consider the practical problems, it is profit. Red net before the page is very simple, not only the text, image ads, but the website developed day by day, rising fame, recently there have been consulting advertising things, at this time I feel the need to consider website profit, so after a few days of thinking, decided on the red network for revision, which is now at present my own space, is very satisfied, feeling from the following three aspects better than before.

1) first, after the user sends the information, may see the information which oneself sends in the homepage. This is the old version did not do, the old version of each column page only need to click the categories into categories, can see their information, and now can be seen by their own information directly on the home page, you can directly see just enter the website, so for users, the feeling should be better than before so, if you do the classified information network, we must think of the feelings of the user, the user first, users website big income will naturally rise.

2) second, the home page increases the search function. This is also a lack of previous versions, and personally feel that the station search function is extremely important to the classified information network. Later, we must continue to improve, so that users in the shortest possible time to find the information they need, and if your information network has not search function, in order to long-term development, you should take this question into consideration.

3) finally, the website ad position has increased. If the site is not profitable, it is impossible to do more, farther, profit is the individual owners often have to think and solve problems, before the old version of red net has simple, even advertising are not, in fact this is because the original according to some classified information network stations and decide, but through a period of verification personal feeling, not suitable for the local classified information network and personal website, the Red Net revision increased enough advertising, also received a few local advertising.

In fact, the

edition will pay much, is the old version of the link will expire, is unfavorable effect on the flow and so on, but from the long-term plan, late to change it back, and consider only after the change, to avoid the third revision, think twice, if you haven’t created. >

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