Car analysis, Alibaba blog marketing summary

on the car after nearly a few months of observation and analysis blog, Sina, NetEase, Baidu, Alibaba blog made some comparison and analysis. Especially Alibaba blog, because I was doing e-commerce merchants around the world so choose the best way is Ali blog blog, Alibaba gathered entrepreneurs and operators as well as many. Now the love blog has many businesses and individuals, foreign Internet development earlier than the domestic many, so foreign countries have attached great importance to the blog marketing, and set up a blog blog marketing consultant, marketing experts and marketing strategy of the company blog. In China, it is also just now. I am sure that China will attach great importance to blog marketing in the near future.

blog marketing: divided into marketing products, marketing, individuals, marketing enterprises and other marketing culture of marketing methods combine, and ultimately achieve product values.

: first we can through the above image analysis "blog" in the Alibaba, the importance of the pages, he is in the last page of Alibaba, but free communication between users and users of the forum and blog, blog is the important place, the blog page classification column: network business, entrepreneurship, marketing, trade. Management, Taobao pictures, we can see that the higher the ranking blog is more and more important, the greater the flow so blogging to get more opportunities to depart from here.

second: column: from the perspective of people, the effect is generally greater than the left side of the visit, while the picture (4 pictures) more conspicuous than the text, more traffic. Pictures are mainly entrepreneurial articles, better, and have very high practical significance. At the same time the homepage font and color out the title of traffic is very large, so the blogger wrote in a blog post when his best location in these locations at the same time, according to the observation of Ali me this bar is generally a week update and. If your blog is in this article, your blog will be able to reach hits, with an average daily volume of direct access to thousands of users. The article then requires quality and originality.

third part: from the Alibaba in three rows of ten characters of size and color contrast is very professional and we can see that the leftmost column: the column, in order to prove to be more refined and fine posts, are eligible to row here, after my observation is generally business aspects of the original information for the blog column and give the perception of two columns: are generally written in several classification blog more selected articles, so you have to row here must in all blog classification to be very prominent for three columns: generally have been reported in the Alibaba video blog players and better highlight in the business.

fourth column: also divided into three columns, ten lines, famous Bo recommend and wonderful original, are some original and pseudo original article, requires readability and practical meaning better bowen. The top line is bold: here is the most general, Alibaba administrator first choice is to start a business oriented article, at the same time, content is more complete. The most important article in the other 9 lines is entrepreneurship, the most

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