Did you feel it, economic crisis station

the credit crisis in the United States has affected the growth of the global economy. As a webmaster, did you feel that,


GG low price, Ali mother high moisture, make sub alliance difficult to do and so on all this, the webmaster should be how to face? I am brilliance Mdt InfoTech Ltd, the owners in a big family, I feel that the global economic crisis on us, the webmaster, impact on the entire IT industry. The enterprise can reduce the production cost, the webmaster can do what? Reduce the number of sites? Increase thepropaganda? Or go home till


summarized above, now the virtual world money has not been so good to earn, owners should get out of this advertisement click Wangzhuan mode, more into electronic commerce above. For the time being, this is a good choice,

most suitable for the webmaster, the webmaster is also the most understanding of e-commerce industry, of course, is the IDC industry, all the webmaster and IDC have dealt with, have feel good, feel cheated, and feel bad, and so on. I dare say, there is no IDC company in China that can satisfy all the webmaster, because the network situation in China determines this point. Regional speed is slow to exist in China forever. Knowing this, maybe you won’t hate space providers so much. Ha ha,

well, understand the IDC industry, but also to understand their business model, but why so few webmaster so much time to carry out his own? This industry into the small, fast return. Because you have your own circle, you have your own market, you have your own unique network relationship, and one of the above is enough for you. Why not?

The easiest way is to join the

agent, this may be a lot of people know, but to find a suitable may not be easy, do not believe the so-called free, because is not reliable, nor the so-called big company, because you don’t make money, we are looking for is some formal, Ltd. there are some Business Hours like this, the company’s price in order to attract people. Ha-ha。。。

specifically looking for what kind of, you have to rely on analysis, the above is boring when I do, the writing is not good, welcome to correct me!


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