Discussion on the lack of domestic nternet innovation from the endless stream of buy site

us buy site Groupon model of success, so that buy site overnight in the domestic fire up. Group purchase website as if bamboo shoots after a spring rain as a come out, it seems at this point, you do not do the Internet group purchase fell. Large and small group buying site, basically stereotyped, a model, but no matter whether the success or failure, the prospects in the end, there is still a big push people scrambling, never tired of follow the trend of imitation. Not only is the e-commerce industry and personal webmaster circle set off a group buying with wind heat. The major portals and Internet giant micro-blog as before also not resigned to playing second fiddle, like World War II, seemed unwilling to settle. Light today has spread Sina 12, on-line buy platform will be through micro-blog promotion, QQ mall push buy channel first commodity on-line several hours, scheduled 9 pieces of news. It is expected that, there will still be large portals and Internet giants to join the group buying army, the group wars will be upgraded again.

from which we can also see a phenomenon, that is, the domestic Internet, which project fire, and then there will be many large and small sites and companies to imitate, to follow suit. There were successes and failures. Less successful, failed, but still wave. Although imitation is the basis of innovation, imitation and innovation are the paths for many successful websites and companies. But from the current development of the domestic group buying website, imitation is more than innovation. The lack of innovation is mainly reflected in the current domestic Internet, many ideas and product ideas from abroad. Social networking sites, domestic imitation Facebook, micro-blog imitation twitter chat software, the idea comes from ICQ, although imitation is also very successful, but this is only because of gaps in the domestic market, when the market is saturated, the new model is difficult to have a way out, group purchase is an example, there are now many small group purchase website operation adverse there are a lot of problems. In fact, the domestic Internet from the initial development, is not lack of innovation, while QQ is the imitation of foreign chat software, but in the imitation on the basis of its development, adding their own innovative ideas, the achievements of today hundreds of millions of users of QQ, let the little penguin shaped like people. Baidu, as the domestic market share of the first Google search engine, the idea even style comes from the world’s first possession, but the extreme China understand the congenital advantage of the market, so it can rely on local advantages to develop many unique fresh products, such as the classic Post Bar, this is a perfect example of imitation innovation. To some extent, also shows that imitation is not easy, not only can effectively avoid risks, and can easily launch a mature product, pre operation to some extent reduce the cost, in the fierce competition, many of the Chinese Internet company website, has become the main stream of thought of imitating nature.

sage once said "choose the good from it, instead of choosing the poor", Lu Xun was also presented in the article "doctrine", that imitation is the merit of the. Domestic Internet development late, early immature, many website companies want >

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