Sogou Wang Xiaochuan three different entrepreneurial ecology


from the IvyS entrepreneurship camp instructor, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan in the 2015 Tencent Partner Conference "Internet plus application" forum to share content.

Wang Xiaochuan said: Sino US entrepreneurial ecology have significant differences; the entrepreneurial team keen curiosity, innovation, entrepreneurial team at Chinese valuation, talk about the business model, too impetuous; large U.S. companies keen to acquire, entrepreneurial team is also willing to be acquired, China between big companies and entrepreneurial team is plagiarism and confrontation; talents in America the entrepreneurial team, and good people are choosing China when CEO, the ability of the team instead of layer by layer decline.

Wang Xiaochuan’s point of view confirms my previous views on the differences between Chinese and American entrepreneurial environment. Chinese entrepreneurship, more or a wealth of behavior; personal value can not be achieved in the company, to achieve economic freedom, this should be the first business demands Chinese most civilians entrepreneurs; even some have been "successful" CEO re start, its purpose is also very difficult to say to curiosity or innovation. Advocating "liberalism" of American entrepreneurs, more fancy personal self-worth, rather than focusing on financial value or solve the class differences, they are really for their own business.

in short, we are still very poor, so we should the mass innovation, entrepreneurship. The following is the content of Wang Xiaochuan’s share (Abridged text and edit):

is currently the world’s market value of the top 10 Internet Co in China has accounted for 4, drops fast, the United States and other public comment group also developed rapidly, which is a very remarkable achievement. It is because of the rapid development of Internet China, China population, human resources, market space and the United States will be born "par, so public entrepreneurship, innovation" banner. In a favorable environment like this, but China capital market freeze, the main reason is caused by the different ecological venture.

the United States has a smart ring, the company, they can let the hand sliding in the air, like a mouse to control the computer, containing the human-computer interaction technology. This project is not reliable, because there are many aspects, such as: the team is only 14 people, smart ring of electricity is not enough, only support for 40 minutes, the accuracy is not high enough. More importantly, they do not know where the market space, it does not consider the business model, how to sell products, how to make money. Entrepreneurs do the goal of this project, more interesting, curious, and hope to make such an intelligent hardware, so that a good idea identity.

such cases in the United States a lot, the vast majority of entrepreneurs starting point is to explore, to satisfy curiosity, to seek innovation. This China and entrepreneurial environment is different, China entrepreneurs talk about products, user experience change, but just completed angel financing, planning well what time to complete several rounds of financing, what time IPO, very impetuous.


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