A CMS content management system that ranked good results

During that time,

has written a blog about the optimization of friends in the online chat, when she gave me a recent ranking of their learning Japanese website, then a look, pay attention to the background is to apply a website background. I do not know, after a period of time, as for how long did not remember, I have a site friend, let me see a recent site with him to do the relevant industry B2B site, is a new station. My friend saw this new station ranking more than his heart to build the old station, I was annoyed. At that time also went to the station, also found that some parts of the station with a system structure seems to feel very familiar, trying to remember the last time is optimized for me to see her friends website backstage system. So he went to know this is a CMS system together, gave me the feeling that this ranking is an advantage for CMS.

Just want to

in the SEOWHY today, when Baidu input SEOWHY found SEOWHY forum in a row. CMS pages written in the back, so today particularly concerned about this phenomenon in a post here, go to the Baidu website CMS viewed the system. It is a free PHP web site management system, the system looks like this is a professional development for the optimization of the system, no wonder many such online, and the ranking is also quite good. This system seems to have a long time on the Internet, at the same time also pay attention to Admin5 station is also using this station, it seems DedeCms of this system in the optimization of no trivial matter.

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