How to choose a good blog host, related to the survival of the site

is a good choice of host, this blog is very important, if the blog often due to host relationship, which led to the visit, not only visitors, I think you have lost their confidence to write blog. The following five steps for choosing a host from an American host detective might help you select a good blogger:

The reliability of the

1. host is the primary choice: most people decide when they select a host, depending on the size of the space they provide and how much traffic they make. Unless your blog has been popular to use traffic volume to host the suppliers to provide 10%, otherwise, the main factors which decide you should buy the host is the host of the credibility (such as speed and stability).

2. searches on the Internet: in order to verify the credibility of the host, before you buy the host, you can search for relevant information online. Another good way is to log on the relevant forums and see which hosts are better.

3. (oversellers): away from excessive vendors who provide thousands of tens of thousands of traffic and space, the host can bind numerous domain names are indeed very attractive, especially in these conditions, the price of the host are made of the temptation of the price. The only problem is that these hosts are clearly over overselling, and these hosts are unable to guarantee their quality of service. Therefore, in choosing the host, we must select those specifications and more reasonable description of the host.

4. test sales service: before buying the best registered host, is the first email to the supplier’s sales support department, to see how quickly they respond, by the way can also see their attitude and technical aspects of how to. If the customer service department of a company is very poor, let alone other services.

5. don’t be cheap: if you take a serious attitude toward your website or blog, then you should be willing to invest a little money to choose a good host. Of course, I’m not saying you’re looking for a very professional hosting service from the start, but considering the reliability of the host, in any way, the money you spend on the host every month should be between $5 and $15.

6. choose foreign or domestic: you want to locate is what kind of blog?. English station, of course, first choice of foreign hosts, choose foreign mainframe, you need to see the speed, quality?. Now IXWebHosting (, prominent Chinese station also supports Alipay payment. Greatly facilitate our domestic users

overwhelming host business, can not be a dazzling array of goods, prices are deceived. Choosing a good host is direct to the survival of your blog. Of course, speed, quality and price are considered. But >

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