As a female webmaster moving entrepreneurial experience

rushing around

everyday in a different city, stop in the spaces between the edifice, in and out of restaurants, although is a buyer’s market, even though it is not good to do business, but I don’t know why it is done fast, very lively, and that is because of my ability rather than believe that because of my ignorance, or simply fearless. Anyway, I’ve done very well in regional business for several years. Later, tired, I don’t want to go to the city, want to have a firm and secure home, want to do a satisfactory job with free, self-sufficient, and children stay at home. Things that felt easy were not so easy to get, so I plunged into the school. I remember in one of the forums, my signature was: "to go back to school is not to study, but to escape from worldly troubles.". Net friend met asked me, I smiled and said: "written play."." It’s true.

completely put himself into school, and did not put the heart completely back. At two months, I will start my career over two dealers, people unfamiliar, easier said than done. A hard reproduction and good writing is not vivid one, and my clumsy pen stupid, is not appropriate to describe. More than 50 large and small supermarkets, a second-hand market from the 24 style bicycles, winter cold wind, summer with the sun, soaked clothes, worn gloves. Want to put the goods into a supermarket, lobbying, or negotiation does not say, also from time to time, people face a hot ass cold, his clothes also looked at people’s demeanor. I remember most clearly is the first of a forty or fifty year old woman, who looked at me a decent dress in charge of a supermarket chain, eyes blaze, taunt does not give me the knot should knot paragraph. I was very angry, what had the wonangqi, with her theory, asked her why she didn’t give me a knot should knot, her answer let me dumbfounding also hematemesis and helpless, also deep sigh inferior human dirty: "I will not give you what can you do?!" face disdain, eyes on me and sweep, his mouth muttering what, don’t let me very uncomfortable, I also seems aware of what. Then, the second day, I went again, this time I was wearing jeans, wearing black casual shoes, but it was a smooth knot, but the attitude is not friendly, but also ask what friendly, and after the end of my money, I burned incense. In the end, when I don’t plan to cooperate with her, she is still cooked by me, but I don’t blame her. She is too greedy, and not too greedy.

in a supermarket in addition, I completely experience the gentle knife. Handsome gas and my age boys, when signing a contract, I have many terms clear I do not, he is very considerate, was moved to death, into the store charges and cash is not low, he also promised can always adjust a single product, as long as the quantity does not increase, the other is not acquiring the cost of goods, I do not know if this is him to give me a discount, or it is so, these are just a verbal commitment is not written into the contract, signed a contract with the supermarket more.

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