ndividual stationmaster wants to stick down

along the way, individual stationmaster began to sad, personal webmaster is a huge group in China, the network was able to flourish is not just some big portal efforts, and don’t forget, personal website has cannot replace the status in the development of the network. If one day Chinese no personal website and don’t know how to Chinese development, what do you surf the Internet, play games and listen to music watch the news???         yes, personal website develops very fast, a lot of people raised in the network, they began to raise stake, ready to be listed, so that their actions are reasonable, but that is the basis of funds to achieve the personal webmaster more or poor, otherwise it is called grassroots. And we do have that stationmaster station is in line with the needs of the community? Do not meet the social needs The nature will be eliminated by the society, this is the survival of the fittest, you know. And the laws and regulations are no doubt for personal webmaster, maybe it’s not your turn when you just twitters, wait until the backseat driver, you have to do, still no one to give you answer.

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