Discussion on the propaganda strategy of government website

Iran on network marketing for commercial confidentiality, especially the local government website Guan Jian words selection and layout is omitted, as there really needs a friend can email or MSN, see detailed web site.

just talk about the free marketing strategy below:

website marketing strategy

government website publicity because of its authoritative and illustrative, can not be used commercial marketing sites often used forums, BLog, communities, etc., to promote the frenzied approach. Only targeted information can be posted to potential business users. The following promotion strategies are recommended:

WIki – Wikipedia refers to the promotion of

The authority of the

using the Wikipedia website and on the public opening, with emphasis on the Wikipedia website search engine, industry chain structure and the features of editing the introductory note to the soft release major overseas Wiki website.

directory classification

uses search engines to catalog web sites, especially DMOZ, Yahoo directories, to pay or free to submit web sites to major directories, to speed up the collection and to boost the site’s weight.

exchange connection

because most government websites do not have professional marketing, and management is single, it is easy to build links, coupled with the brotherhood city alliance. Widely established friendship connection to enhance the website weight, in order to enhance the site ranking.

News marketing

according to the frequency of group users to news gathering, cooperate with the main consulting websites, research websites, regularly distribute instant news, submit to the mainstream soft text website, and strengthen the exposure rate.

appropriate external marketing,

edit soft words containing specific keywords, published to business related forums, BLog, in order to tap potential users, take the initiative.

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