How low key breeds high key content

in such a "everyone can become self media" era, the content can be described as heavy, is the so-called "classic" in the Internet industry: content is king is forever unchanged. As we all know, the new media platform, represented by WeChat, is developing vigorously. This may be an opportunity for everyone. So how should WeChat operate,


in April 12th, I took part in the sixteenth stage salon activity organized by the speed network. The lecture was to show us how to produce high quality content. The lecturer was shared by Chen Zhuolai, deputy editor in chief of the micro Media Association. I learned from my activities that Mr. Zhuo used to work in the traditional media industry and worked for the Shenzhen metropolis daily. She is now deputy editor in chief of micro media alliance, she will bring us how wonderful to share? Let me share with you what I heard some views of some dry cargo and individuals, learning to share with you.

this is mainly around the content to share, to WeChat as the main platform for example.

, WeChat, Jianghu, great schools,

as you all know, there are all kinds of platforms on WeChat and all walks of life. While the rich media forms are diverse, in the main text, voice, video, pictures of the four elements. Some people are mainly voice based, some video based, and some people are irregular push, a variety of material forms are. It is divided into several factions, like in martial arts novels, each martial art has its own unique skills. On WeChat, too, everyone has its own highlights and features, and the ultimate goal is to attract fans attention. The common factions have the following five categories (see below),:

, for example, as logical thinking in China, is a sound school, Luo fat every morning on time to push to send a voice for 60 seconds, and then let you reply to a keyword, you see what articles like this like, is also a kind of fans and interaction, with voice the advantage is that people can hear, there is a real sense, high credibility.

The planning and operation of



content is king, explaining the importance of the content and thinking about why the fans are paying attention to you. I think the main reason is that your content is fascinating or interesting to some degree. Content comes from what channels? Zhuo sister said the main 2 channels: original and non original. When it comes to originality, you should all know this, that is, you have to produce your own content and have your own independent ideas or opinions. In this regard, there are many new media operators are relatively lack of an ability, but every day their original is also a hard thing, especially for a subject has been writing this situation.

another is non original approach, non original, in fact, with the help of other people’s power to complete some of the content, mainly through pseudo original and reproduced. Pseudo original, a lot of people should know, especially like SEO people

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