Discuz7.1 has a serious logical process error

discuz7.1 came out with great pleasure and new changes, but also found a big problem in less than 3 hours:

The new

7.1 editor has serious process error, allows to upload attachments before posting, so when the post does not complete the attachment already stored in the server, before 7 are posting and allows to upload attachments, do this to determine the attachment and post binding, easy to manage, but 7.1 in imitation of CMS that, you know CMS is relatively close, and issued a document management people had a few, BBS is open.

yesterday I passed a few pictures, I do not want to post, so close today, I want to send another post, he appeared, the figure will go wrong, don’t expect us to delete the user to upload the picture after the excess.

I think you have

installed, and then to the official test, the problem can be big, I just find a plate from a few pictures, and then submit to other sections, a senior reply reply, or post, this attachment is attached to the child, so the posts and pictures caused confusion. In the open BBS system, the user pass the wrong map is normal, and the user’s sense of responsibility than the website editor, came on the retransmission, so since the picture stopping, and the administrator is unable to repair, because the workload is too large, and the more important is not to upload pictures 7.1 Preview function, it can not guarantee.

Although the official said

will periodically delete, but must be in the planning task in passive delete it, you can set up once a day, but not before deleting? Site space may therefore have been occupied 100%, and unable to receive new accessories, in addition to write frequently deleted data and concise way before in comparison, many users have used BBS post attachment mode, why to separate pictures and attachments? Attachment can also be a picture, so I upgrade after 1 hours, many members confused, do not know how to post, change the user’s habits is a great risk to try, so correction, back 7.

in the official forum you can see my reflection of the problem of the post: http://s.discuz.net/viewthread.php? Tid=1449039 but the problem has not attracted the attention of officials and the 2 post to be closed, people don’t admit he was wrong, but the problem is not to avoid the.

wants officials to take a serious look at existing process processing, not all new features are progressing, and business logic is more important than program implementation.

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