Who does not want to adhere to their own heart

proud of the early start of the entrepreneurial heart, why after the business changed?

a lot of people because of their business, not the boss, not the state company, hopes to start to change. And a few years later, but found himself and once hated leadership and no two…… Why?

to share a story.

Hu Chao is a programmer, working in a App outsourcing company, a basic App two weeks will be able to get an average of 2.3 months to develop a App. Monthly salary 10K, often overtime. Later found that the average price of a App between 100 thousand to 15, not only think of their own low wages, but also often work overtime, because of dissatisfaction with the boss of this treatment, and later resigned to open their own App outsourcing company.

Hu Chao is the main hope that the company can work together with their own team, together to make money, not all the money on the boss to earn a person. Hu Chao opened the company found that the team to maintain good employee ability, difficult to recruit, what all don’t know some friends through intern, App outsourcing company list, the monthly income of around 50 thousand, the monthly wages plus company expenses need more than 80 thousand, and wages in accordance with their original company as the. Then the company slowly come to a boil, a month to get their own 5~6 million, but the wages of employees is still not changed.

well, the story is over. This story is Hu Chao once because of dissatisfaction with the boss’s treatment, in order to change this situation and the choice of their own companies, but eventually opened the company found that the boss himself was the most hated.

why everyone before the beginning of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mentality is completely different?

for example: This is the same with the parents, when we very much hope that parents to buy toys, we buy snacks, the family can live in a high-rise building, open luxury cars, all day doing nothing, nor are forced by their parents to do housework and do homework.

then proud to say that their parents will be in the future, will give their children to buy toys, snacks, so that their children live in high-rise buildings, open luxury cars, children will not be forced to do homework what!

but then their true parents found that North Canton 500 thousand can only buy a toilet, 700 thousand can buy a kitchen, 200 thousand to buy a car, the annual insurance maintenance and parking mixed need 78 thousand. The other is to buy toys for their children will not grow, Shangzhi toys, snacks are junk food, on the growth of children is not good, the children don’t do homework and other children cannot learn knowledge.

this is known as the beginning of the heart, had thought that parents are very harsh, but eventually found their parents but found that parents are not harsh, but parents must be harsh.

schmenterprise heart, is to deceive own


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