For search engines, a web site, the most important thing is to have content

saw a lot of friends of the station, in order to Baidu and other search a lot of trouble, and tried all kinds of methods, but the final performance is still not ideal, and some are also made by Baidu 10 Fen do not dial. Now, the emergence of some bad SEOER, but also for this reason. Those SEOER blindly emphasize a keyword, don’t search and punish the website link, don’t do the chain outside, the home page outside the chain to have a certain amount…… Indeed, these specious things seem to have a basis, but in fact is not the case, no one knows, anyway, due to search engines, led the prosperity of the industry.

doesn’t know how many webmaster bills go into these SERER, and the end result is that the search is still unsatisfactory. I think the webmaster and SERER are ignored one of the most basic things, that is a website, we must first have content, without any effort you are content to fish, even if you stand at present in the search engine performance is good, but in the end the search engine or will abandon you.

"wandering in the network has been optimized for a variety of notebook" circulated on the Internet is not interested, and concentrate on the content, has two times been Baidu dial the 10 Fen left, but the content, Baidu was still included, and has been very normal. In January 2009, the article on the station was 4 hours Baidu included, and a few days later added several private link, Baidu put this right cancelled, changed to two weeks included. The phone link has not been canceled, and the peak period of nearly more than 20, but I almost always insist on sending original articles every day, two months later, Baidu and 4 hours included I stand on the article.

online spread about station links or other servers against the search engine, there is certain, you do stand can be appropriate to note, but I think this is not the most important. The search engine will evaluate you according to the overall situation of your site, and will not kill you only in one respect.

understand this, we can draw the conclusion: do website, the most important thing is to do the content, with content, the search engine will naturally recognize you. Of course, the content here is not to collect, to copy, but to really have their own content, difficult to say, you can pseudo original and other ways to solve.


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