According to the standard design, B2B industry website button to promote user interaction

I once said that the designer’s analytical skills are far greater than the design techniques themselves, so what do you think?. For the button, whether it is true or false (pseudo button, button button is only that this link and submit the relevant data, or to highlight the link with the button that is called "pseudo" button), the reason why we take the form of a button, the biggest goal is to let the user know this button can submit the data can be interactive and website, or later can appear user interaction with the web site or the page appears, then evaluate the success of the design of standard becomes: the needs of the user is not willing to pay attention to this point, instead of the button, the button itself is very beautiful. The user will think, "why do I need this button? Is this button important? Because Chinese people are motivated by their interests, and designers are interested in the user’s interests at any time.".

this section will be from the button color, button size, button shape, buttons and next to the text, the placement of 5 aspects to illustrate our design and use of buttons in general standards.

1 uses high contrast, striking colors to highlight the importance of the button


button uses high contrast colors and striking colors to highlight the importance of buttons, both of which are used many times. For most of the time, we use buttons to highlight their importance. Only a few moments do not highlight their importance, for example, as a secondary button, as shown in figure (13).


diagram (13) the Chinese made web search button uses a contrasting sharp yellow button (screenshot: 2011-2-9)

(Figure 13) shown on the right, there are two buttons, a button on the right side of the color and the background color is basically the same, the left button background color is yellow, and the surrounding color is completely different, the font color is not the same, and the font is bold. This means that the left button is important and is more important than the right button on the button, which is true after clicking.

2 uses the larger button to highlight the importance of the button

in a web page, an element relative to its surrounding the size of the element that its importance: the elements, it is more important, whether text or button are the same, because he is more eye-catching, but the importance is the need to focus on the page to express to determine.


(14) Alibaba China Station "clothing column" search button great (screenshot: 2011-2-9)

as figure (14) for Alibaba China Station "clothing column" search press >

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