nternet users are more afraid of technological innovations than habits

look at a few classic domestic Internet phenomena

1. portal web page is 5 times the screen, such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent home page

why is Sina’s home page so long? Now look at Alexa, the top 10 sites are a screen, up to two screens,


dates back to 1998 when Sina was founded, the Chinese users rarely, the Internet environment is very poor, are dialing, open a page to wait for a long time, go to a pot of tea back to browse, so sina.com.cn’s home page to do long, so every time you open the page to see for a long time. Until today, China Internet users accustomed to this portal mode, even if the bandwidth is being improved, the portal still do it or not, the portal.

2.hao123 has become a marvel, still a popular Internet portal for

usersThe real reason for the success of hao123

is that it captures the vast majority of Internet users need to save keyboard usage, popular point that they love to point to not enter the URL in the address bar, basically because they are less likely to use the keyboard, click on the link to so much quicker than to enter the URL. Much more convenient, or more convenient.

3. pages pop up countless new windows operating habits

laziness is a virtue. The new window pops up because you’re used to the mouse, not the keyboard, and the new window pops up. I can easily go back to the original page without having to type in the url.

Internet business is not to create demand, if the demand creation is sure to change the demand habits, most people imagine conform to the common habit of potential demand, or change the majority of the common habit of potential demand, which will let the people most willing to pay


but had to admire the applications that changed or formed the habits of Internet users:

1.QQ is more popular than Email

foreign users will never understand that China has to have a QQ number as its own learning to surf the Internet, began to sign the Internet, rather than Email. (I wonder if there will be a school account or 51 account in the future, because the school has entered high school).

2.Discuz! Changed the BBS operation mode

traditional BBS or Term shuttle, or the horizon, mop like a full display, but Discuz! Dominate the size of the domestic forum platform, gradually we changed the global BBS habits.

3. campus network changed the Internet habits of college students

campus service website has always been the trough of users during the summer and winter vacation, such as the BBS of major universities. But in the last two years on the campus network, summer and winter users are also rising, this is undoubtedly a revolution, we do not need to hang daily!

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