Summarize the experience of website traffic breaking through ten thousand P

owners also have half a year time, stop and go too, from a poor to probably, entered the ranks of owners of the door is also considered, in the first half of this year also experienced a wave of Internet ups and downs, countries to combat illegal pornographic information, carry out a series of Internet crackdown. The butterfly effect from the beginning of a series of mobile phone pornographic websites, unlimited causing porn. Mobile phone pre disaster caused by flooding water, block IP, room sealed, sealed check BT, this is not to stop, and later found that is too easy to register CN, CN domain name began renovation, then forwarded to the record, one by one the problem surfaced, high-level panic, said, this is not our problem, the following is not subject to regulation, then began, regardless of what you are involved in this website, websites are K, my blog just normal, but also be affected, the room is pulling the line for two days, after the restoration fortunately, there is a backup. This is a nightmare for individual webmaster, everyone knows that person would like to do the regular site development is difficult, so Web spam sites run amok, count me one. Why waste this website rampant, the audience is not welcome, please don’t let people call you Look, the more you want to see, this is psychology. One size fits all, you want to have a temper.

said so much, the webmaster want to, I have to withdraw from the Internet, or so over time the limelight again. Why your site traffic will increase? Do I also insisted, although the money did not earn much, worry is correct, but personally think that this can still be done a the specific method of website sideline, the side is not wordy, but there, outside the chain, the chain, the Internet IDC range is quite extensive, there is a corner forgotten by everyone to huadianxinsi, how to do the site to study, let him go to shut off, as long as you prepare the data. All aspects of good, then bad run abroad is not enough, but it is not recommended to do porn website..

Oh Oh!The picture below

is a process from 1000IP to 10 thousand PV, and also as a souvenir of



the sun will always appear, such as stock price, is the normal rules, you may fall in in life, that you know, your tide is not far away, in a pessimistic emotional complain of thinking, but also a better for It doesn’t help the situation., attitude, good attitude, thinking more, have a wide outlook that survived this difficulty, the light is not far from the.

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