New year’s new weather, every SEOER should change himself in the new year

search engine in the adjustments and changes, and each industry are also in progress, search engine optimization is also so, where we are experiencing some much different, in 2013, there are too many different is changing, this article, through the new year in the spring, write your own feel it, when change yourself to change the whole industry, is one of the most beautiful happiness.

first step: borrow the east wind of enterprise website, adjust

from outside chain

, I believe many of my friends have experienced in the enterprise website optimization work, this work can be considered in general, through the Commission, sales orders, and then we can optimize the whole website, ranked up a commission, do not go on doing it, this is a lot of the time, perhaps when you have when hundreds of enterprise customers site, every month can get a lot of stable ranking Chengdu, but it also faces the risk of search engine, after all, no one can guarantee rankings.

customer sites, take Commission in general, the number percentage was high, but it can not say which one Baidu algorithm is a small update, let a lot of ranking boondoggle, then every customer to come to you, then that is one answer, this is what we need to deal with the risk, however, if there is no change in ranking replacement, there would have been no future for SEO a deeper understanding, to know what we should do, how to do.

When you use

after the chain breaks the law ranked one after another, you might think the chain is SEO everything, just copy the content on the OK, can be estimated earlier, however, at this stage of processing not good estimates, in fact, there are too many things as a customer site to learn about SEO, you can try to link all the skills, including text, including forum, blog, SNS, including Links, etc., when the daily life are concentrated here, analysis and understanding may lack very much, and he is often can not see things outside, when unable to learn new stuff, you will try to change their


second: the industry website, the structure is the right path

stayed in an industry website, when inside, is the largest structure analysis station, adjust the flow of the breaking point, including thematic analysis, analysis and guide the spider crawling, for the industry analysis of the long tail keywords, how to improve the long tail keyword page ranking, in the structure, but also suitable for the emergence of links where appropriate, these are the enterprise web site to learn.

actually, the structure has been the point that every SEO needs to know, and the website traffic of the Lele is through many long tail keywords, as shown in


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