People who don’t know the website earn 130 thousand (two) by the website

does not understand the website person, earns 130 thousand (1)

by the website

Admin5 exclusive release, please indicate the source of reprint.

Objective: when people do not understand the website ", I earn 130 thousand months on website (a)" after the release of Admin5, caused no small repercussions, I see the comments a lot, there are good, have applauded the curse, I thank you for my praise and encouragement, scold the people I also thank you very much for your encouragement and teachings, I am a rookie, I will continue to learn and progress. As the article behind the comments that people say is to use the CC program to do, any one slightly understand network knowledge can be constructed, that garbage is indeed very rubbish, it is too simple. The site’s program is an integral part of the site, but I think the site’s operations are more important. Admin5 is to use DEDE to do, to imitate the web site of the ADMIN5 is too many to count why only run, graph king is so successful? I’m just a rookie, I dare not graph king ratio, I just want to learn from him, constantly learning, to progress!


do not care about this article is true, if you think he is really all that is true, if you think that is false, then when the novel at leisure on the line.

after the last article, Liu told his website operation history, Liu daily work is to pick up the phone, visit customers, make men do equipment, in accordance with the order when Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO for account when there is no money inside charge money, he will only that, in the old view, he is just a tool to achieve the site of final sales purposes.

I asked Liu why not on the website and online sales and payment system, as well as more online customer service, not only on the website of the phone now.

Liu said, to buy his equipment is like his old fashioned, even QQ will not use the old, if the site is too complex, but people do not understand, there is a phone is enough. Besides, his list is tens of thousands of list, all through the web site to know his product, and then telephone consultation, meet, discuss, deal. I think what he said makes sense.

I asked Liu to earn so much money, why not buy a nice car? The car is not too bad, but it is also not good. Liu said, the right is the best, if not to go to the station to meet the customer, I even do not buy a car, buy a good car will let customers feel him inside the product profit is too large, will let customers feel the money also don’t know how I let the old man pit otherwise, how to buy such a good car. I seem to understand something.

naturally I and Liu into friendship between generations, I was a free occupation, it is a vagrant, so I have.

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