Must be interconnected, let you experience different Hongkong host

in recent years, due to the high cost of Hongkong hosting plan continue to emerge, the overseas market is gradually popular with the host, the host Hongkong itself speed favorably in the domestic host, but also from the record, more and more domestic customers. At present, there is a special host in Hongkong host market, The following will introduce the characteristics of this Hongkong host.


1. easy to manage Plesk control panel

will hold Hongkong Internet virtual host equipped with the world’s leading Plesk control panel, support Windows and Linux; Plesk control panel is used in visualization of the UI user interface, by clicking on the icon can successfully complete the operation, intuitive, easy to operate.


in Plesk, can be a key to download and install WordPress, but also can avoid landing directly from the Plesk into the WordPress, if the WordPress Plesk patch will be a timely reminder or automatic installation, operation and uninterrupted detection of WP, to provide site security.

2. free SSL certificate

will hold Internet is rare for Hongkong host free SSL certificate of service providers, and the gift certificate is based on TrustAsia SSL Symantec system and digital certificate issued by (or "Let s EncryptSSL digital certificate). When you install a digital certificate, you can install it successfully with just a click of the button.

3. super host configuration

Bisend host uses 32 cores and 96GB memory super Turbo server, all hosts are configured SSD solid state hard disk, RAID10 storage, fully ensure the safe, stable and fast operation of the host. It is reported that, not long ago, its Hongkong host has just upgraded 5M bandwidth, site access more quickly.

4. practical high

will be interconnected, the Hongkong server supports Git, multi version PHP free switching, to meet all the station site needs of programmers, while helping programmers easily manage the code and enhance its sense of use.

5. ultra fast domestic access speed

will be hosted in Hongkong Sheng interconnection and the mainland have high-speed line linking Hongkong’s top room, and its use is the custom Turbo will hold Internet super server, domestic users access fast, excellent website experience.


will always be in charge of the Internet

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