This recent event triggered thoughts why not DC customers understand DC’s pain

recently, there have been a lot of computer rooms have been closed 80 port events, Shanghai, Bao Bao, Shanghai mobile, Jiangxi, Jingdezhen, Shaoxing Telecom, and many other, IDC difficult to survive ah, IDC difficult to do,


serious direct place to stop cooperation with IDC, Jingdezhen Telecom, there is one of them, the current news, all machines are being transferred to other computer rooms.

Jingdezhen computer room all customers:

because the room appears suspected pornographic information website, have a significant impact, according to the two sides signed the "Internet network and information security agreement" the relevant provisions, the company decided to terminate me from now on with all IDC business cooperation agreement, and require all customers before December 5, 2009, all servers and network devices will be hosted on our IDC the room all the shelves and removed from the room, in December 5th, our company will stop all rented IP and access services, is hereby notified.

, China Telecom Co, Jingdezhen branch,

as IDC’s I, has been closed 2 servers now to bring customers a lot of inconvenience, many customers influence the normal operation of website, I also wonder, I worry, I also want to resolve as soon as possible, who can understand IDC’s difficulties? Are the grassroots people, are IT circle that everyone is making money to do business IDC don’t want to do the best


at the same time, Baidu K station, standing on the day of sad, very stand, pay attention to this Baidu, do not know when you can return to normal!

!The official website of

Discuz has also been harmonized and is moving data to Beijing.

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