Game entrepreneurial boom receded hot money and feelings difficult to support the market

in recent years, the game business has experienced explosive development, creating a lot of flourishes myth, many entrepreneurs are turning back into the game to the boom of entrepreneurship, veteran game company also see business opportunities in a variety of ways, have joined the fray, a game to become one of the hottest topics of entrepreneurship.

, however, the reality is very cruel, when entrepreneurs still dream of becoming the next millionaire, the company has put up the shutters. Coupled with the difficult transformation of the old game company road, so that the whole game entrepreneurial environment into the white hot. In the end the game is not a false proposition of entrepreneurs in the future game how to go


mixed with speculators and hot money market

pulled a few people planning, technology, art, pull a team, rent a house last year, at least ten thousand game team was born. However, 80% of the team did not survive, most of them are speculators.

"it is undeniable that in the past few years, the game industry has a lot of speculators." The hero mutual entertainment co-founder, former real fund investors Wu Dan told Sina game technology, typical game business speculation team, are very rich in experience often members of the core members are former well-known Internet Co executives, but this seems experienced team but results in failure, because of the lack of running between the team between them, it is difficult to reach a consensus.

caused by speculators, is the early influx of hot money, according to a game of entrepreneurs said that in 2013, when they have no products have no office conditions, only ten minutes to 5 million of the investment, "early to get investment is very simple, drink coffee will take 5 million definitely not a joke, but the amount of investment and investment companies are generally low, the amount is 5 million to 10 million, this number is about to maintain a team of more than and 20 people for two years, to make 2-3 games."

huge profits are the key to entrepreneurs and capital into the gaming industry. Take a water over 10 million yuan of the game as an example, basically the valuation of more than 100 million yuan, an investment company responsible person told the Sina Technology Company, Mobile Games "heat" reduction, "at the end of last year, we had a mobile phone game company shares, then the valuation of 5 million yuan, we feel expensive, now another VC shares, the valuation is 15 million yuan

carries the feelings of struggling entrepreneurs

"the game industry is a group of highly intelligent people who struggle with the ‘War’." Cage, founder of the valley of Shi Wenti told sina science and technology, once the hot cool game COO from 2013 into the mobile game business has been two years, the company is currently in the angel round.

talked about the initial entrepreneurs to enter the gaming market, he believes there are two main aspects, one is the increase of income, the two is personal to it to practice, most of them are > game business

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