The city surrounded by rural industry website business prospects to Zoupian Jian Feng

years ago, home, old father accidentally asked me a question about network marketing, how to put our village planting millions of pounds of Citrus sold through the network? I was very surprised, what time is always the earthbound old father started to pay attention to this kind of a topic. Later I learned that he had seen a group of news about selling baozi on TV, and thought it was a doorway.

old father’s original intention is actually very simple, but, this question has let me have a new ponder. First, the transformation of traditional industries need to consider the situation, but the concept of things and the actual operation of how far? Especially like old father’s example, how to understand the influence of he the true meaning. Secondly, along with the rural independent production to supply export in marginal areas, persisted for ten years, or decades of the same marketing mode, and how to break the original model of the sales network, and must guarantee to achieve the purpose of profit in a short period of time? Again, even ignoring the rural edge of the traditional industry reform as the Internet industry, the website operation and the prospect of how to provide a prerequisite for the establishment of such a network marketing mode of


when I think about these three issues, my other reaction is that the current industry website should be in an era of change. The original Alibaba flourished, preaching the most resounding slogan is to reduce the sales channels, manufacturers and consumers to make the supply station. But with the details of the operation of the promotion, Alibaba model shortcomings gradually revealed. Although the market share is still occupy 60% of the proportion of industry website operation, has no corresponding site can shake its position, but the network marketing model of the produced are gradually being eroded with other types of websites like refinement, martial arts moves the same vulnerabilities. Just the same, the development of the industry website has sprung up like mushrooms.

from the perspective of operation, the Internet is becoming more and more popular, basic problems are known to Baidu or Google, which is the trend, which is also the grasp of individual users. However, for the theme of reform in traditional industries and enterprises as well as the diverse needs of enterprise network influence on construction industry website and operation must have a clear direction, even if the Alibaba in the field to put a lot of manpower and financial resources and to do everything, but still escape mode vulnerabilities appear. Therefore, the future of the industry website development, positioning for the site is subdivided, focused, do small, dedicated. In line with the principle of refinement, this is also the future trend of development.

, however, there will still be some flaws in the principle of full refinement, which requires constant upgrading and improvement. Such as industry segments listed, narrow positioning industry and professional enterprise for supply and demand, because the fault causes industry unpopular in the supply and marketing links, even if the website provides the corresponding user interaction platform, but the value is not high, so the conversion rate will inevitably be affected; and as the scale of the enterprise requirements >

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