Promote product activity, unfamiliar street how to operate tens of millions of users within a year



now has 1/3 messages coming from two-way users every day, and unfamiliar streets are beginning to figure out how to settle their relationship with

tiger sniffing notes:

unfamiliar street, 1 years old, mobile APP, hobbies is to bring up close strangers social.

Wang Li, 30 years old, claiming to be Wang boss, unfamiliar street science and technology director of operations, is responsible for analysis and promote the operation of unfamiliar street.

August 2011, the flagship stranger communication unfamiliar street line, 7 months later than WeChat. Although it was born later than WeChat, it survived, not only survived, but lived quite well. During the year, official figures said 10 million people were saved. How to do it? Tiger sniffing before in the "WeChat, and its true and false enemies" in a text, analysis of how the unfamiliar street in the product positioning stagger with WeChat head-on confrontation. But it is worth noting, but has been ignored, a year ago, the functional evolution of unfamiliar street product level is not essentially, and it starts from zero, not a huge community of acquaintances can import users, but can form the current products temperament, cannot do without the operation team training,.

June 2011, Wang asked the founder of unfamiliar street Tang Yan: "this product has any competitors?" Tang Yan replied, the rookie: "no!"." The boss Wang believed. A year later, veteran boss Wang also believe this sentence. "We’re not a WeChat."."

heard in the media too much about unfamiliar street business experience and story, see the king boss on "technical posts, telling how to do about unfamiliar street operations, why did he choose to do in the promotion of micro-blog, to see how the concept of" about gun artifact, how to plan product strange relationship precipitation.

below for Wang force dictation, tiger smell finishing:

CEO is the earliest Tang rock when the editor in the NetEase, I am also responsible for NetEase, micro-blog news channel business, but we have to know. He first came out with the team to develop the model, and in June last year, the product was about to come out, he told me about what is a thing, invited me to come and operate.

to tell you the truth, I had never done any operations before, nor did I know anything about mobile Internet. I never used a smart phone. I only used NOKIA to call and send text messages. WeChat, Mimi, I’ve never used it and I don’t know. But Tang Yan felt that the start of the business, these are secondary, it is important that we are more consistent in values, easy to communicate.

unfamiliar street a year on the line, the operation has gone through three stages, the first stage is the marketing promotion; the accumulation of a part of the user, the need to consider the ecological community, to maintain and control, establish logical judgment, what kind of user is need to be left, to stimulate his activity, what the user needs to be filtered out that is equivalent to the content of the construction stage; the third stage is the stage of brand promotion.

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