Traditional enterprise website optimization, need to go beyond a few pit, go around in the past is n


website as the main facade of the Internet Co, occupy a very important role for enterprises, however, the traditional enterprise website in a block to do the poor, that Shanghai website construction, the traditional enterprise website is not good, because the inherent thinking of his own solid sealed, you want to make your site have the effect, the traditional enterprise it must go beyond this several pit.


botnet is the standard

for most corporate websites

many companies have web sites, but it is difficult to see the "eight classics" update, and some enterprises to update the site, but it is difficult to make high-quality content. The management of a website is not easy, not to mention most of the enterprise website management personnel several roles, professional web site all know, take care of a website is a very hard thing, then do part-time noticeably, if they do not know the website existence, most fool trouble, which led to the there are a lot of zombie companies website.

How does

allow companies to avoid the hole in the botnet? Some say they need professional people to take care of it, and some say they’re looking for professional outsourcing companies to take care of, and others say…… Why do you always find people, find the reasons not in itself? Find someone else to optimize your web site and to optimize the site, purpose and effect will have significant differences, already have their own things to others, is a kind of indifferent attitude towards the site, do not go, the website can do


so, enterprises want to the website, the website wants to avoid a zombie pit, then you need to study with an open mind, don’t say, I don’t understand this, you’ll make it! That have not seen ah, do not have to do these! No, I need to work overtime tonight is busy. Do not do……

does not run eight nights, five, but 24 hours

traditional enterprise inherent thinking let website update time only stay in normal attendance time, that is accurate to 10 8 pm Monday to Friday morning, where the rest of the time to go? Many enterprises website managers are holding this attitude at work, in fact they do not complain, others are off work. What I was sitting, others have overtime overtime, why I’m not…… When applying for overtime, the person in charge will usually say, "this doesn’t need to be done tomorrow, and


we look at the Internet Co, in the process of growing wild, almost every Internet attendance time is at 9 in the morning to 10 at night, many people say that the Internet enterprises to earn more, but hard work behind who knows? There are also some enterprises rest time people used to work in Internet Co, after doing a period of time, it felt tired, really tired, although earn more than before, but there is no time to rest what.

sometimes working overtime is a hard job. Under the enterprise system, overtime is usually controlled, because too much overtime can lead to chain effects, or even >

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