Teach you a few tricks, how to improve the popularity of the shop

it’s not easy to open a shop. It’s not easy to open a good shop. So what should we prepare and prepare from that?

1. knows his hobby

sure a lot of my sister would ask me…… Why would you want to know my hobby column open shop and go to school? In fact, learning is the same, I believe that you love this course, you will be very hard to learn. I love Japanese clothing, I would hope to have such a store, so I opened the shop specializing in selling Japanese goods.

so sum up: to do anything, it is interesting to carry out the ah……

2) analysis of market demand, looking for a stable supply of goods

is doing business now. Who wants to make a profit?…… But money is not so easy to make the world fall! So we will start to do a market analysis. For example: do you sell your clothes or sell items which is facing the age level of the majority, according to different levels of age short of the need to consider your product styles and types! Good… Find your age the location, we will start looking for a stable supply, think when customers are very pleased to ask you Yiyi when you tell him, no goods or no different. No, the color he wants. Will the customer feel comfortable? If I were a customer, I would think… Even enough goods. What kind of shop do you have?…… In time, your shop is good. I don’t know how many people will pay attention to it, because you can’t buy what you want. At the same time, it is also a great loss to the sellers themselves.. Because we have lost some customers! So to find adequate supply, can only be the beginning of the forum,


3, goods less and essence, focusing on quality

just opened shop in GG, MM, certainly not once put too much money! OK! This m! But the goods better. To fine! Don’t sell what clothes items ah! You go into the same ah ~ ~ meters will fall a creative imitation of infamy!…… Hey…… Why bother!

4. reasonable price to attract customers

novice seller can pay attention to wow, the price of each item must be appropriate ah, Taobao buyers can be quite a lot…… You don’t really when somebody else is the tortoise, cheat yourself! Dozens of pieces of clothes, a few hundred pieces, who will buy? Estimate even ask anybody ah ~ buy things now are goods than ~ 3 of the good stuff, the price is right. I believe that customers will have eyes come to your shop, maybe he is your next


5. has a good attitude! Build a customer base!


want to know to keep an old customer, establishing better than 10 new customers! Your attitude determines your future business is good or bad! Competition is very excited now! In addition to buy quality customers also want to buy what? That is to buy credibility! Have a reputation! Still afraid of your heart.

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