Peng Hongwei the confusion of traditional enterprises involved in network promotion

has recently been busy studio things, the blog has many days not to update, but do not want to write, sometimes only a busy day, wanted to rest earlier in the evening, since the weekend also do network promotion studio, little rest, not to go to the studio to guide the implementation of personnel, is to do the program, or to go out participate in activities. Today when visiting the Baidu know, see a network promotion recommendation system, to the simple answer a little, and then began to do their work, did not think this friend ask questions on the initiative to contact me, asked me some questions of network promotion, learn from the exchange with him, he is not familiar with the network promotion, but also do not love this trivial work, but also to be in the company do network promotion work, a little taste is reluctant to drive a duck onto a perch.

as far as I know, like this, it is very common in traditional enterprises. Because the traditional enterprise is not familiar with the network, is not familiar with the network promotion work, therefore, when they recruit people, also is very confused, does not have the goal to carry on the recruitment. Some enterprises are to let some traditional marketing personnel change careers in network promotion work. Although the network promotion work is a very simple and boring thing, but to do a good job, without certain work experience accumulation, it is also difficult to make the effect. Of course, some friends will say, "don’t you start with nothing? Actually, it’s not just me. Anybody does anything. They never know how to start.". Never know how to know, it takes time to accumulate. The enterprise must hope to recruit, recruit people, able to complete the company’s work, to achieve the company’s goals, rather than looking for you so that you can learn from the beginning, and now the competition so fierce, enterprises can’t afford to waste for you during this period of time from scratch. But once you are familiar with, with rich experience, the company has not obtained a corresponding increase in salary, you probably will choose to switch to some of you can meet the higher requirements of the company, so that enterprises spend a lot of time and money to train you, not only did not bring proportional income to the enterprise it will become passive.


to get the user through the network of traditional enterprises, in the start time must take some detours, this is inevitable, but to avoid as much as possible take some detours, under normal circumstances is the formation of a professional network operations team, or the network operation services outsourced to a professional team to do, after all, professional things to do professional people, so as to take some detours less likely.

one, set up their own professional network operation team

to set up their own professional network operations team in this way, now many enterprises are facing the situation of talents, these enterprises often encounter is like people feel inappropriate, the right people don’t want to. Because the average person has a good job, or a good company, so when you invite him to join you

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