Three months of suffering eventuate website earn hundreds of

talked about how to make the number of days, tens or hundreds of… Always… Is too far away from their own, although every day watching are listening to something similar, but always feel that day how much money from their own this small webmaster too slim, although they do not stand too long, but from the first domain registered to now have almost a year’s time, their only hope that hundreds of pieces of money can earn enough domain space have been very satisfied, to make a lot of topic is not too cold, and do not believe those who make much of the fact, but let yourself never stand in the height of thinking. A good friend who I am today told me today that his site now into more than one hundred days, after three months of hard suffering, finally can feed themselves. Hear this first is happy for him, really, although in some one hundred master eyes may not this is not what, but in my eyes has been very good, for he is happy at the same time, also let see as a webmaster of the road, even if it is just a waste of do webmaster! As long as you pay, to believe those who make many days not too distant from you. One day it’ll be for you…

My friend

and I used to work in a company, for some reason to leave the work place, a person to stay at home, although usually at work also do a few websites, but they are like me, no traffic, poor dozens of IP, because did not find right, just at home to get from the site, this figure is three months, every day is busy with several websites at home, see the information science promotion, but a Monday over the past week, the website still did not improve, don’t earn to eat money, that day dozens of IP, do not say no GG even put all the people to the point of your advertising, and how many, he said he sometimes really want to give up, want to look for a job to draw so or that a month hundreds of dollars But, really don’t willing to give up on this, look at every day with his girlfriend to earn money, the heart is really justified, with the support of his girlfriend still persevered, IP also from dozens to hundreds, even thousands and tens of thousands of people up to now from the body to the present day in more than 100 days, the first is to understand yourself you can rely on the website to support yourself, keep alive this small family of their own, not to the people a month living expenses to see someone else’s face and


is probably like this, what site does not have his consent, I will not write, in short, is a few very common web site, perhaps in the eyes of some people will also have a garbage station name. Don’t know you this little things to see what, first as a small webmaster to pay, want to insist, although I do not agree blindly to insist, but if you don’t stick to my friend would not have today, perhaps.

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