Rational patriotic escort, the Olympic patriotic has become an art

recently, China true heart, heart, heart and other family names Chinese for flying, we found the patriotism in combustion, in sublimation, constantly in our lives in different ways to express their patriotism. In order to have patriotic action diversity, China heart, heart, true and false names, slowly became an art. Today, on a website, I found this new thing – the Chinese heart in the picture.

saw such a batch of Chinese hearts on this website (www.tunet.cn) and cut some pictures for you to see:


said the photo China heart, expression seems to have been from the popular unification slowly evolved into the deep way of personalized communication, there is a feeling of, a common culture more personalized, more able to express personal thoughts, has profound significance.


I feel quite interesting, I also do a few, is probably the first register, and then upload photos to your photo album, photo me in the photo below, a "widget" button, click after a lot of small hanging on the right side of the page, click on the fix is very convenient. For this, I will not PS at all the people, it is a kind of lazy.

just above the site slipped a bit, have seen so many different styles of Chinese heart photo download (http://s.tunet.cn/myphoto/photo/pic_personal_other.jsp? Photoclass=92549), the number of millions were actually browsing, exaggerated!


Cabret ~ ~ now network ah, really is what one has ~ ~ ~ ~ this is broad and profound patriotic art really!


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