The webcast will have any impact on the certified broadcast platform

is one of the important sites in the Internet world, that is to provide a variety of software download sites, these sites can help users solve many software applications, but with the protection of intellectual property rights awareness is growing, many websites also download to begin to change their business strategy, so as to better make yourself to achieve healthy and sustainable development. As a result of the download site is mainly available to download software applications, if you do not pay attention to SEO optimization, it is easy to bring bad experience to the user, the following specific analysis.

through the network economy red in the East, the network broadcast platform also ushered in the explosive growth. However, each broadcast platform in a star factory at the same time, also has the data fraud, walking and other scandals. Finally, SARFT can not sit still, in September 9th, a notice will be put on the agenda of the broadcast platform normative issues again.

bulletin said what?

according to the "Internet audio-visual program service management regulations", "SARFT issued the" Internet audio-visual program service catalog (Trial) "notice", carry out network audio-visual programs broadcast service should have the corresponding qualifications:

is through the Internet to major political, military, economic, social, cultural and sports activities, the event live video and audio broadcast, shall be issued by the administrative department of press and publication of the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" and licensing projects for the first class of Internet audio-visual program service fifth;

two is through the Internet to the general community cultural activities, sports events and other activities of the organization as a live audio webcast, should hold the "permit" and permits the project into second categories of Internet audio-visual program service seventh.

without approval, no organization or individual may use the "television", "radio", "radio", "TV" and other radio and television proprietary name on the Internet to carry out business.

the "notice" of broadcast content, related activities involving barrage release, live hosts and guests, live object made a specific request, live programs should adhere to healthy taste, shall not contain provisions of state laws and regulations prohibit the content and vulgar content, consciously resist the excessive entertainment, advocate money worship nationalism and advocating luxury etc..

in simple terms, is YY, Betta, Huya platform, to carry out business after the webcast, are required to obtain "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit", and TV, TV, tiger flag panda TV platform may need to consider matters name.

which platforms have "license"?

love fan children from the General Administration of press and publication published the list to see, as of May 31st this year, a total of 588 institutions to obtain the license, including potatoes, Youku, YY live broadcast platform, huya. In addition, there are some web sites use >

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