New industries, computers, directions in 2009

the rapid development of modern technology has made many new industries emerge as the times require. In Guangzhou, one of the 360 guide computer is created, it is the founder of South tide Zhang Dawen official station is: In 2009, Zhang Dawen, like many people, came to Guangzhou with a gold rush dream. However, as soon as he got off the train, he did not move on. Because he found his career in the bustling railway station square.

square, packed with people from far apart from each other, they were carrying large bags hold kept talking in different dialects directions, check the map and find the bus stop, his face tired and worried look. If someone is guiding this much good, is to receive fees can also think so, Zhang Dawen, comes to mind an idea, why can’t I do


so Zhang Dawen had only a little computer knowledge to come in handy. He began to collect more than 480 Guangzhou City Road, more than 6500 street, more than 4000 units including restaurants, hospitals, shops, postal address and telephone and bus route information encoding, the compiled procedures, all the stored in the computer, in the Guangzhou Railway Station square in a "green ear computer consulting pavilion". Anyone want a unit, the operator only needs to press a few keys, in a few seconds will print out a small piece of paper, above clearly shows the interrogator to the desired address telephone, postal encoding and bus lines, even transfer address are written in the crystal clear.

Since the opening of

, three or four people ask for directions every day, and even some taxi drivers and old Guangzhou come to ask computers. Because of the change of the modern city is very fast, a person may not understand all, had to use a computer, this is the pavilion on the billboards advisory said, "the computer is immortal".

at present, Zhang Dawen is actively preparing to enter Beijing, Shanghai and other places, he also started to open Xunyiwenyao, computer message, shopping guide and other series of paid computer services. He is looking forward to weaving a more brilliant network of information industry.

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