Web design must be full of poetic, user experience, five principles of design


[editor’s note], the author of this article, now Aura Marker Studio founder @ road meaning Louis, has brought more than five years of user experience design team. This article is his experience with the team over the past few years precipitation and thinking.

"design must be poetic."."

has more than five years of user experience design team, from several people to more than 20 people. Before, I have done my own technology, and found that engineers and designers actually have a lot of similar places, that is, there is a pursuit.

leads the team, not as a good person (the so-called administration), but also to achieve the success of the business, set goals for the team, be determined to pursue, and then work together to find a way to achieve. The five design principles are the increasing size of the team, the increasing number of projects, the uneven quality of the team output, and the feedback of the team members who are struggling to deliver, without the designer’s sense of satisfaction. Try to set a team design style, to give the team a jingqishen.

Dieter Rams is the main reference of the ten principles of "good design", apple iOS design guidelines, of course, ten design principles are also Google, because Rams is the industrial design principle, iOS is an operating system platform principle, Google is the design philosophy of a company. If I am afraid to copy hard to convince the public (in fact, more important is all too much, because the memory limit regardless of which are more than 7+-2 months), so I try to set all the strengths, find some principles to your team, then we have to share.

before the introduction of these five design principles, we should rethink what design is not good? Do you think the design should not be? Now, full direct copy without design seriously understand people design reason, is to let people use high-tech design called, with even the basic design the aesthetic principle is contrary to the full design is almost the full to show the brand design, no difference… I think the designers who are pursuing should say "no" to these phenomena. Then, what kind of design should we pursue,



1, useful

created a product, must first be useful, can meet the needs of the people, to solve user problems, this is not limited to the needs and functional issues, should also include people’s psychological, emotional and demand for beauty. To do this, first of all, to understand the needs of users, this is a very difficult step, but it is necessary to make a good product must experience. Understanding the needs of users is more than just asking people on the street. What do you need?

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