My small website carries the dream together

time goes so fast ah, in the twinkling of an eye, I have left the company in February for a long time, 2 months, I finally get rid of the dull and boring 9-5, finally do not have to force yourself to be around the boss’s face, also need not to smile in front of their own people do not love. Although not long time to enjoy the warmth and excitement of the big family, but in this short 2 months, I also have my new fun and sustenance, that is my website!


before the site, he had a lot of ideas, open Taobao clothing, with sister business, as a small boss, and so on… But have never thought he would go to deal with a web site, can be said to have no thought of a relationship with their work, but the husband still gave me a great temptation: no money, big investment, as long as hard every day to the promotion, let everyone know this website. No, a lot of time, 10000 people, even if you start a success,. Listen to the words of her husband, I am shaken, because of the resignation of so long they have been wandering, waiting, I really don’t want to have no income days, I was a stay of the people, I am also a money hungry man.

for me, at that time the station is a very boring thing, never contact the bank, because it is a super thing no interest for me, for me the Internet is only a tool to know me, only this! The moment I decided to go, but from the beginning. I told myself to give full play to all my enthusiasm and ability to get the website well, give users the best financial and all aspects of demand, let us remember the website also remember my


talking about the site, originally just a dead frame, without any vitality and attraction, my husband began to teach me how to add new blood to the site. It is filled with things that give you a fixed practice, but with many things in it, because this is a very comprehensive financial website, this time you want to add to the variety, such as financial toolbox, small business secretary finance blog, and so on, remember that time every day is in add, add OK that kept repeating, did not know that time really is not easy to do simple things repeat. These things added also is just inside the small box frame, the plus end and increase the number of varieties, the link to go, so that we can quickly access to the content that he wanted to see, when my eyes really appreciate the feeling of stars, but it is also that time find new things in the framework of gradually more and more, in the heart is very happy and comfort, can see their own websites in their own efforts every day in the molding, I can forget all the toil and fatigue, dull and tasteless, because I reap a complete 117788.

The shaping of the

website also means a new beginning, that is, website publicity and promotion. Speaking of promotion, we should thank our husband, he can be said to be a master in this field

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