WeChat circle of friends operating 10 experience, a correct understanding of WeChat marketing

since the last shared "WeChat public platform subscription operations 11 secret", a lot of friends take the initiative to add my micro signal, currently has nearly 1000 WeChat friends, WeChat for interaction with your customers better, rather than a marketing tool, now WeChat marketing function has been to deified, many of the traditional marketing the transformation of institutions do WeChat marketing training, in addition to the WeChat platform for public subscription number, service number, even the WeChat personal circle of friends is their marketing battlefield, love cooking up a few friends here to play the WeChat experience, hope to help you understand the WeChat marketing.

1, how to see the number of friends WeChat

A, in < address book > in the middle of the tail, you can see the total number of friends

B, enter WeChat home page, click on the lower right "me"". Click settings to enter the settings option. In the settings, select the generic option. Access function options in general. Choose group assistant in function". In the function set mass assistant, click start mass. Select a new group at the bottom. In the selection of the recipient in the select all button click on the top right corner. Click to select the bottom of the screen, the next step is the button to display the digital number of your WeChat friends.

2, WeChat friends circle, how to only send text


opens WeChat’s circle of friends and holds the camera button in the upper right corner for 2-3 seconds.

attention to detail, in 80 characters or 6 lines of text will not fold, if you have a mobile site, in the text you can also put your web site, for your site to bring accurate customers.

3, WeChat group assistant

WeChat subscription number is a message can be sent every day, the service number is a month to send a message, personal micro signal can not limit the sharing, but also can not limit the time of each group of 200 personal information.

4, how to increase personal WeChat friend


A, adding his QQ friend to WeChat friend

how to find the target crowd and add him as a good friend, in addition to promoting their WeChat business card, let others take the initiative to add us, we can also take the initiative to attack. QQ group is classified according to specific groups, we can find all groups of people through QQ group, you can also find friends by finding the appropriate region or age of QQ, and add friends.

B, the mobile phone contacts plus friends

because some people may have their own customer’s mobile phone number resources, so how to quickly add these man-made friends? The mobile phone number resources using TXT or office format (in order to set specific according to import software), you can use the pea pods or QQ mobile phone housekeeper into mobile phone mail list. (before you import it, first cancel your personal micro signal and bind it to your cell phone number, then import the list of cell phone numbers. Guide >

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