College students to open a good shop to consider what parts

although there are already more and more college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, however, due to the limited time, so many college students will choose to open a shop. In short, now more and more college students like to shop on the Internet, there are quite a few friends do well, life can not only take care of themselves, but also save some pocket money. In fact, the operation of the shop is not difficult, the main consideration of a few can be.

1, shop source

online shop with the traditional shop, the source of credit is essential. No source. What do you sell on the Internet, unless you sell a few services. But the majority of college students are still friends from the exchange of things. So shop supply is a very important issue. To get good goods, you shop from the beginning to lose someone a large.

if there is a relationship, college friends can go directly to the manufacturers to get the goods, if there is no way to get the goods, then you can try to do shop agent, shop to join. Accumulate experience and contacts. Find some of their own advantages of the online shop, and then join them, agents of their products.

2, funding issues

online shop with the reality of the biggest difference is that you can shop without funds, not capital. You get in touch with the supply, you receive a list, you can directly transfer the list to the supplier, so he shipped for you. Of course, you can ask the supplier to deliver goods on your reputation, so you can avoid direct contact with your customers. Of course, this requires suppliers have a certain quality and integrity.

college students have money, due to lack of experience in business, it is easy to follow suit. See what is good to sell a large number of stocks, resulting in a large number of goods backlog, the funds can not be returned to the volume, straight off the shop.

3, logistics issues

this college friends will not need to take into account, because these suppliers will do very well, the source of long-term cooperation with the courier company, has established a very pleasant cooperation. Courier is almost impossible to make mistakes.

4, service attitude

customers are God, open shop is the same, there is no good service attitude, the customer will not because of your college students and give you special treatment. Especially now many college friends at home favored over, a little break. On the stand, a customer of their products are not satisfied with the unhappy. This attitude is taboo for the online shop. If you want to open the shop, first of all have their own service attitude.

5, online promotion >

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